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A show well oiled!


Hop, the CD is in drive, the music starts and the night too! Gathered in the living room of one of their friends, these two types observe naked on a bed, undressing. He finished quickly stripped naked and does a slippery oil all over his body, to the delight of his two friends who never-touch power observing. The latter, a black and white, their hands hanging out soon leave the sex of the other and come together … so significantly that their friend reaches orgasm before them, they are so excited they start sucking each other , touch, before the black take things in hand and finally gets his man. Its just going slow and were quick to lament the beautiful brown lungs. The sofa moves to the rhythm of the black cock strokes, which feels the sap rising in him at full speed. He retired to share his sperm to his lover, who also ended up reaching orgasm, with the encouragement of his two buddies pigs.

Date: April 13, 2020

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